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By r4dford, Mar 3 2019 03:41PM

Have you heard the news? There's good rocking that night!

Okay Radford fans .… here's the merest glimpse at the embarrassment of riches that we're soon to lay before you!

West Country troubadour, singer-songwriter and all-round hotbed of talent STEVE HENDERSON is promising a feast of wonder as the opening salvo!

The justified legend that is KRIS DOLLIMORE, yep, the pride of the first division of Blues men, picks up the baton thereafter!

RUZZ GUITAR will be back from the US, where he's currently teaching the Colonials what guitar playing REALLY is, and Bristol's own BELOW THE SALT are promising to craft their art until it gleams ....

And that's just for starters!

There's more to come and we can promise you it's in the Radford tradition of jaw dropping magnificence .… you'd be crazy not to sign up for your tickets RIGHT NOW!!


By r4dford, Jan 6 2019 05:54PM

Happy New Year Radford heads!

I'm certain that the more diligent among you will have noticed that each year the festival represents a quantum leap from the previous one! Well this year will be even more of a traffic stopping jaw dropper!

We've some stellar acts lined up .... of national and international acclaim ..... and the action takes place August 10th!

Click, ring, email, text for your tickets!

Full line-up reveal soon!

By r4dford, Aug 16 2018 10:52AM

Radford Mill round up! Radford Mill recollections! Radford Mill report!

Hot dog! Another year, another festival! Well, buckle up and let's get to it!

The day started up with the all-too-rare strains of hokum emanating from The BAY RUM HOUNDS. These personable and talented troubadours got everyone on their side in a heartbeat. They had another two gigs to fulfil that day, and it's plain to see why!

Unfortunately, the band originally booked for the next slot pulled out that morning … but it was the work of a moment to rouse JON WALSH from his slumbers in Hampshire, mount him on his white charger and despatch him once more into the breaches to save the situation!

Now … our gratitude at this generous act in no way impacts on the fact that he was SIMPLY MARVELLOUS anyway! Who's that in the palm of his hand? That's you that is. He can sing it, he

can play it … and it's impossible not to warm to his delivery. No sooner had we resolved THAT little conundrum, but genuine tragedy then struck.

It would be wrong to trespass on a man's private grief, and our next scheduled artist was side swiped by a personal crisis that nobody could have overcome .…but soft … another unexpected delight in the small but perfectly formed shape of HELENA graced us with her ethereal transcendence! Yes .… the voice of an angel, with the devil's own wit. Know her anywhere.

Now .… when I was invited to book the bands, I was determined to serve you up something apart from the usual suspects … and if possible, surprise and delight you! I'm sure you'll agree that the fusing of the Ganges and the mighty Mississippi provoked a sound cocktail that was cathartic and engaging! MAHARAJA BLUES won a bunch of new friends on Saturday and Christian on harmonica (a citizen of the world, if ever there was one) gave his Gaelic shrug a new poetry.

MESTIZO BLUES COLLECTIVE defied the weather and defied the odds. Self-effacing, discreet and tasteful .… got a marquee dancing to original songs on a Saturday afternoon? Surely the understated musicality of Jerry Osbornes' drums must have played their full role!

I think it's illegal to have a festival without the enchantment of Roger Slade … and if it isn't, then it ought to be. This incarnation is dubbed LOST ELEVEN, and naturally, showcases his dexterity on an array of stringed instruments combined with harmonies that would give your cat sleepless nights. Americana with style and élan. Their CDs were doing good business, and with good reason.

DEL RAY ROCKETS! What more can be said about the mighty Rockets? Reconstructed .… unrepentant … they bring everything that is good and exciting to a music festival that, frankly, didn't need any help, and make it even more vital, galvanising and irresistible. Breathe new life into old classics and inject some of their own tunes too. This is how a real band goes to work.

It fell to the 'aged in the keg' Texas flavoured ROBIN BIBI to close the show … and rightly, his personality, unshowy mastery of stagecraft and dynamics couldn't be topped. Again, this master craftsman proved that original material is welcome on it's merit. Topper songs, great band, terrific guitar … and a sense of 'giving' that you can't get from a YouTube tutorial.

Well … you couldn't follow that … so we didn't! Fumbling for cloakroom tickets and festooned with smiles, we bring down the curtain … but not before a tip of the beanie hat to STEVIE on the mixing desk … he bestrode the day like a colossus … unflappable, professional, interested, with a plucky "can do" attitude not often seen in horny handed sound persons. Thanks pally.

And now … to sleep, perchance to zzzzz …..

Jamie Thyer


Radford Mill 13.8.16 SP