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By r4dford, Nov 29 2016 10:36PM

HOWDY music lovers!

Check out the Artistes page for next year's exciting line-up at Radford Mill Festival which falls on Saturday 12th August 2017.

You may wish to peruse the list very slowly, the better to savour the incredible delights in store, because like a fine wine, Radford Mill Festival improves with age ...... !









By r4dford, Sep 28 2016 02:23PM

Hi, we have some good news for you. The date for the next amazing Radford Mill Festival of Rhythm & Blues has been fixed as SATURDAY 12th.AUGUST 2017.

Our second festival on Saturday 13th August 2016 was a great success and we have been overwhelmed by the many compliments that we have received. It was bigger than our first and the signs are that it will continue to grow over the coming years.

We will limit the capacity to 600 festival goers because we don’t want to spoil the intimate atmosphere of the site. One of its unique selling propositions is the ability for people to move freely around some beautiful countryside and sit or even lounge whilst listening to the great live music. We don’t want it to be a standing crush like so many other festivals, especially as it goes on for nearly 12 hours. It will always be aimed at our musical cognoscente audience and their families.

This has caused me to re-evaluate my own position. I think that this exciting project will require more of my time over the next 2 years than I would be able to commit to. As one of the originators of this festival, I didn’t want to see it restricted by my own circumstances, and with a reluctant heart I explained this to my co-promoter, Richard Fox. It is for this reason that I have decided to stop being involved as a promoter. I wanted to withdraw at a sufficiently early enough stage to give a successor enough time to put the next event together.

I am very pleased to tell you that my position will be taken over by my friend Jamie Thyer. Some of you will already know him as the leader of the band ‘The Worried Men’, one of the most popular and busiest outfits in the South West. It is not as a band leader that I have sought Jamie to take on this role, but for his amazing personality. In many respects we are kindred spirits and share so many values such as a love of live band music; a love of entertaining an audience; a sense of humour; an appreciation of the qualities of life outside of material interests and money; and a love of people. I am absolutely confident that Jamie is the right man to help Richard take this wonderful festival on to its ultimate optimum success.

Jamie will be sorting out the acts over the next few weeks and will letting you know who he has in store. We will then start to sell the tickets with the usual ‘early bird discount’ options. I will of course be helping him during this hand-over process.

By r4dford, Aug 15 2016 01:56PM


PREFACE: There are photographs up on our Facebook page. If anybody would like me to e-mail them copies, please just ask via tubbyblues@blueyonder.co.uk

Thank you to all the wonderful people who came to support real, live band music once more. You helped us to make this, our second festival, even bigger and better than last year. We thought that we had been cursed because we experienced some setbacks on the way. It began with having to change the headline act at short notice, but as often happens on these occasions, we have to thank our lucky stars because Aynsley Lister, probably the hottest band on the UK and European circuit right now, just happened, by an exceptional chance, to be free. What a bonus this turned out to be.

Our bad luck didn’t stop there because due to an administrative oversight, we didn’t apply for the licence to run the festival in time. We only discovered this on the Thursday before the festival. This meant we could not operate our bar. Clearly we could not run a music festival without a bar, so we had to give the drinks away free of charge and rely on the goodwill of our customers to make a voluntary donation to the ‘Eco-friendly Farm’ at the Café bar. We also had to end by 11:00pm promptly and all of the bands had to start a half hour earlier than originally scheduled to accomplish this. The bands all took this change of plan in their stride and arrived in good time to complete the programme to the new schedule.

Our bad luck continued because the major routes to the farm from the west and east were overwhelmed by traffic congestion meaning that for many their journey to the site took much longer than planned. I took 2.5 hours to get there from Cheltenham, which would normally only take an hour and twenty minutes.

I woke up on the Saturday to find that our weather forecast of sunny weather with a light 3mph breeze had been revised to:- ‘there are rain clouds coming up the Bristol Channel’. I began to think that I must have been tempting providence in picking the 13TH. for the date of our festival. Indeed I arrived to find we had light rain, but it soon cleared up and things just started to get better and better.

We kicked off the music with the very talented Leo Brown who had been so very well received when he opened for us last year. This time he was joined by a harmonica player known simply as Biaz. Leo has a rich voice and great slide guitar style which was complemented superbly by Biaz’s extremely effective and empathetic harp style. They were a big hit with our audience and sold quite a few of their CDs; a perfect opening.

We had experienced another setback for our next scheduled artistes, ‘Blue Horizon’ because they had decided to disband; but again, our lucky stars came to our rescue as we were able to replace them with a very talented 4 piece band ‘The Shadow Blasters’. These 4 young musicians had recently moved from Wellington New Zealand to Bristol to try to carve out a living as a band. They were excellent playing a raw, punchy set of original material. William Jackman’s raunchy vocals were perfectly supported by the band behind him. Again their CDs were enthusiastically purchased by members of the appreciative audience. We then had a visit from the Licencing Inspector, escorted by a police man, to check that we weren’t breaching any of our restrictions. The PC was for his protection apparently, in case our audience turned on him. He obviously didn’t appreciate that our customers were all very respectful, musical cognoscenti who would never resort to such hooliganism.

Next up was a talented band from Devon, ‘Cavemouth’. Again the bad luck seemed to be dogging us because their Bass player could not get to the festival so they played as a trio. This was surprisingly effective; Duncan Hook on Sax was a perfect foil for Lex’s vocals and guitar work. Again they performed a number of originals and their own take on a few classics.

They were followed by Glas from South Wales. They are a very tight outfit and soon had the floor filled with dancers. Much of their appeal centres on the flamboyant lead guitar skills of James Oliver. They were very well received and sold a lot of their latest CD “Just a Stage We’re Going Through”.

Then we had one of the festival favourites up; “The Innes Sibun Band”. He had many of the audience in awe with his fantastic guitar playing. Innes really knows how to hold the attention of the audience. He received a well-deserved ovation at the end of his set. He was followed by another visit from the police to ensure that we fully understood that 11pm finish meant 11pm, not a minute longer.

Then we had one of my favourite bands, “The Mike Hoddinott’s Blues All Stars”. As their name suggests, every one of the members is a virtuosos on their instrument. They were fronted by the iconic bluesman, Pete Gage. He soon had the audience singing along reaching a crescendo with their version of The Animal’s classic “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”. The end of their set was greeted with a prolonged and much deserved ovation.

So we came to the finish of the evening. Aynsley Lister soon showed why he is probably the top rated blues performer in the UK. He had the audience in the palm of his hands from the striking of his very first note. He is such a good front man, engaging the enthusiastic crowd who had gathered in front of the band with his banter. Every band only had 1 hour to fill, but Aynsley seemed to have been playing for only 10 minutes before he had to finish, so engaging was his performance. He knew we had to end strictly at 11pm and timed his version of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ to perfection. The audience sang the chorus with gusto and just would not stop clapping at the end of the performance. Alas their cries of ‘more, more’ could not be satisfied because of our licensing predicament. Many of them purchased advance copies of his new album “Eyes Wide Open”.

So we came to the end of our second festival and we have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have gone out of their way to tell us how much they enjoyed it and would be looking forward to next year.

By r4dford, May 3 2016 06:26PM

Hi folks,

THE BAD NEWS IS: Laurence Jones’ Management and Record Company (Thomas Ruf) have pulled him out from the CONFIRMED gig at our Festival on 13th. August 2016 because they want him to shoot a promotional DVD in Germany over that weekend.

As you can imagine, we were devastated by this, especially since so many of our flyers/posters, web adverts and all similar things had featured The Laurence Jones Band as our headline act.

THE GOOD NEWS IS: We have been fortunate to secure a magnificent replacement with THE AYNSLEY LISTER BAND. I am sure that most of you will already be aware of Aynsley Lister. He is an excellent singer, songwriter and entertainer. He is also a brilliant guitarist and fronts an internationally acclaimed band featuring some of the best musicians that the UK has to offer:- Steve Amadeo - Bass, Boneto Dryden- Drums, and Andy Price-Keyboards. They will be promoting his brand new studio album, “Eyes Wide Open".Last year he was voted “Guitarist of the Year”; and in 2014 won “Songwriter of the Year” and “Song of the Year” in The British Blues Awards. .He has won many other awards and has also received glowing acclamations and reviews in countless cognoscente magazines; too many to list here. The Times described him as “Superb” and MOJO said “His guitar playing is a fire hazard”. There are many videos of him playing live on YouTube if you want to check him out.

Click on the link The Aynsley Lister Band so that you can get more information. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

SPECIAL TICKET PRICE OFFER: there is still a special ticket price offer of the £40 ticket for £30. A 25% discount for ordering now. Camping is only £5 per person per day should you want to pitch your tent or bring your Camper Van. We are pleased that quite a few people have already decided to camp over a few days to also enjoy the magnificent Town of nearby Bath with its Roman history, beautiful buildings, river, shopping and everything that goes with a World Heritage City .


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