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By r4dford, Mar 3 2019 04:06PM

As Radford Mill Festival of Rhythm & Blues increases its trajectory, the acts it attracts naturally become more prized.

We can now confirm that the GERRY JABLONSKI BAND will be making the scene, anxious to share the skills that earned them the title of "Best UK Blues Band of the Year" in 2018. CLASSIC ROCK have dubbed them "The best band you never heard of", so here's your chance to put that right!

CHRIS JAGGER who can sing it, write it and play it ... and yet he walks with "The Blues". Be prepared for matchless feeling and a sincere commitment to the music that heals.

DEBBIE BOND and her band will be joining us from the United States. We simply don't have the space here to list all the awards and acheivements that she's earned, so suffice it to say that you don't get full page front cover of international blues magazines for having the correct dinner money.

We're particularly pleased that JOHN VERITY and his outfit are appearing here ... I don't think anybody present won't be familiar with at least SOME of his work.

Top pop sensation with ARGENT ... live dates with JIMI HENDRIX, JANIS JOPLIN, MOUNTAIN ... if you miss the opportunity to share this unique treat, to be this close to a bona fide legend and genuine "tone hound" ... you'll not forgive yourself.

This is the best bargain for festival goers and musicnauts in England this year, without a doubt.

Miss this at your peril!

EARLY BIRD tickets available at http://radfordmillfestival.co.uk/ticketsstalls/4590055320

By r4dford, Mar 3 2019 03:41PM

Have you heard the news? There's good rocking that night!

Okay Radford fans .… here's the merest glimpse at the embarrassment of riches that we're soon to lay before you!

West Country troubadour, singer-songwriter and all-round hotbed of talent STEVE HENDERSON is promising a feast of wonder as the opening salvo!

The justified legend that is KRIS DOLLIMORE, yep, the pride of the first division of Blues men, picks up the baton thereafter!

RUZZ GUITAR will be back from the US, where he's currently teaching the Colonials what guitar playing REALLY is, and Bristol's own BELOW THE SALT are promising to craft their art until it gleams ....

And that's just for starters!

There's more to come and we can promise you it's in the Radford tradition of jaw dropping magnificence .… you'd be crazy not to sign up for your tickets RIGHT NOW!!


By r4dford, Jan 6 2019 05:54PM

Happy New Year Radford heads!

I'm certain that the more diligent among you will have noticed that each year the festival represents a quantum leap from the previous one! Well this year will be even more of a traffic stopping jaw dropper!

We've some stellar acts lined up .... of national and international acclaim ..... and the action takes place August 10th!

Click, ring, email, text for your tickets!

Full line-up reveal soon!


Radford Mill 13.8.16 SP