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By r4dford, May 11 2018 09:53AM

The stage is set!

Possibly the finest line up yet is READY!

All we need is ......


Early Bird tickets are on sale for only £30 at http://radfordmillfestival.co.uk/ticketsstalls/4590055320

Free entry for children under 16.

Don't miss award winning Robin Bibi and his band! Together with a full supporting, mind snapping program!

Delray Rockets, Lost Eleven, Mestizo Blues Collective, Maharaja Blues, Kris Dollimore, Lucky 'Ol Sun, Bay Rum Hound.

By r4dford, Mar 11 2018 02:33PM

Take a gander at the full line up of acts for the 2018 Radford Mill Festival of Rhythm & Blues on the Artistes page but careful to close your mouth after your jaw has dropped!

Get your Early Bird tickets today! Just click Tickets/Stalls, life affirming Blues are one click away!

By r4dford, Feb 19 2018 05:29PM

It's that time of the year when all right thinking peoples' thoughts turn towards The Radford Mill Festival of Rhythm & Blues!

This time, we're boasting possibly the strongest, most exciting program yet! 

Featuring the internationally acclaimed British Blues Award nominee, Robin Bibi, with his full band and with a stellar full supporting cast, this is all too good to miss!

If you're already a Radford Mill Festival fan - and who isn't! - you'll be ready for your tickets!

If by some colossal misfortune, the Radford Mill Festival experience is new to you - don't cheat yourself of this life affirming treat!

By r4dford, Aug 21 2017 12:13PM

In 10 years time, you'll want to be able to say "I was there!"

As Saturday slowly opened, it was as though Heaven itself had blessed the Radford Mill Festival. Radiant sunshine, as only a West Country English summer can bestow, greeted the incomers and rewarded those with the diligence to have camped from the previous day.

And the Divine continued; Keith and Julie Richards opened the day with elegance, charm and an angel's own voice! Strumming and crooning never seemed so apt!

Gruff, and yet warming, Jon Walsh's voice is like a breath of cigar smoke swirling around a glass of brandy. This is the blues, right enough; urban, assertive, familiar and also refreshing.

It's a truism, and almost becoming a cliche, but everybody DOES love Ragged Union. What's not to like? Topper songs played well with a personable front man. Back in the day, Alan Scrase was lauded for his guitar playing and his fingers have lost nothing of their cunning with the passing of the years.

It's a puzzle to me how such a young stud can convey this magisterial presence, but he does. It's a bold man that can add the word "guitar" to his name but Ruzz Guitar does it with impunity. Although, so many are his talents that he could also bill himself "Ruzz, well dressed man",or "Ruzz, modest and hardworking" and there'd be no argument. Rhythm section pretty snappy too.

The First Raitt Band. There's no substitute for craftsmanship, and this combo have an embarrassment of it. Like Julie Richards, Caroline Tarbuck has the voice of an angel, but this particular angel is stopping over after an all nighter in Memphis and possesses the devil's own wit.

We were blessed with a visit from international award winners Deep Blue Sea. Sophisticated and urgent with some boss guitar and yet another beautiful woman goading and cajoling us.

That'll take some following ... luckily we had Flash Harry Band lined up. Many words have been written, attempting to evoke their friendly yet insistent vibe. Should you be one of the tiny number that have never seen them in their pomp (and it COULD be possible), then we suggest you remedy this with all speed. You don't get to be unanimously perceived as legends for so long by accident.

Local hero? Yup. International star? Yup. Lauded recording artist? That's Jon Amor, alright. Know him anywhere.

That's the thing with Jon Amor; he can make the familiar seem new, and the new seem like an old and valued friend that's been away too long.

By now a full tent were on their feet, some speaking in tongues, while others were definitely feeling no pain.

All too soon, it was over .... but only until AUGUST 11th next year!


Radford Mill 13.8.16 SP