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JOHN VERITY                              www.johnverity.com

John has had a varied and amazing career, supporting rock luminaries such as JIMI HENDRIX, JANIS JOPLIN, JOHN MAYALL’S BLUESBREAKERS and MOUNTAIN. Recording with RINGO STARR, KEITH EMERSON, GREG LAKE, TIM ROSE, ZOMBIES, COLIN BLUNSTONE, PHOENIX and ARGENT to name a few.  A real coup for Radford; from some of the biggest shows in the history of rock to your close encounter this afternoon.  You'll want to fix every detail of this performance clearly in your memory!


DEBBIE BOND                              www.debbiebond.com

Singer, guitar player and song writer Debbie Bond has been paying her dues in the Alabama backwoods for over 30 years.  Her singing has been compared to Bonnie Raitt and Maria Muldaur, both of whom she cites as being influences on her music.  The truth is that Debbie does it her way, playing a dynamic mix of soulful originals and covers.  Literally, front page news!  Debbie wins awards and graces magazine front covers without batting an eye.  Now you can see just WHY…


THE BAD LOSERS          www.facebook.com/thebadlosers/       https://thebadlosers.co.uk/releases    

“From out of the caves of rural Somerset come the Bad Losers, a hard hitting four piece specialising in their shared love of screaming Rhythm ‘n’ Blues ….. The Losers inhabit a world where guitars and harmonicas are the weapons of choice and attitude counts”

And now the boys have released their debut album ‘Easy’, a sizzling selection of original three minute classics released on delicious 12” vinyl by Equation Records of Massachusetts, USA

Shindig Magazine gave the album a four-star review stating “Their sound is vaguely redolent of 60s Brit bruisers like The Animals and The Pretty Things, with a touch of the wired, Bacchanalian swagger of early Stones thrown in”

A formidable live act!


CHRIS JAGGER                              www.chrisjaggeronline.com/

Chris's first records were made during the 1970's and he toured the USA and the UK.  He revitalised his song writing in the late 1980's after a long break and helped brother Mick out on the Stones acclaimed albums “Dirty Work” and then later “Steel Wheels”.  Chris then decided to concentrate on his own material and the result was the critically acclaimed “Atcha!” in 1994, a mix of Cajun style with Chris's individual brand of song writing.  Contributions came from David Gilmour, Dave Stewart and Leo Sayer.  He made four more subsequent CDs.   In all, Chris has written and recorded over a hundred titles.   A true Renaissance Man.  He can sing it, he can write it, he can play it … and yet he walks with The Blues.  Be prepared for matchless feeling and a sincere commitment to the music that heals.


BELOW THE SALT                       www.facebook.com/BelowTheSalt/

Blues; Rhythm 'n' Blues; Blues-Rock from Bristol.  Alan Scrase brings his posse of time served blues hounds to show you exactly how an experienced blues band goes to work.


RUZZ GUITAR'S BLUES REVUE   www.thebluesrevue.com/

A powerful, Soul injected Blues/R'n'B/Rock'n'Roll band hailing from Bristol UK and lead by Gretsch endorsed guitarist Ruzz Guitar. After taking inspiration from many great guitarists such as Wilko Johnson, Brian Setzer, Jim Heath and Jimmie Vaughan, Ruzz has developed what he has learnt into his own style which is quickly becoming recognized around the globe.  No longer merely the pride of the West Country, go-getting guitar slinger Ruzz is currently charming our American cousins.  They'll have to manage without him today.


KRIS DOLLIMORE                       www.krisdollimore.com/  

"Kris Dollimore, one of the first division of solo bluesmen". Blues Matters Magazine

During a career in music, spanning four decades, Kris has graced some of the world's greatest stages and has played with many international bands and artists. These include The Godfathers, The Damned, Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Thunders, Adam Ant and Del Amitri.  With largely an acoustic repertoire, a fair portion of that being instrumental, in the vein of John Fahey and Jack Rose, precision playing is expected and delivered.  A genuine rock star who turned his back on the smoke and mirrors of fickle tawdry baubles to pursue his true calling.  This afternoon you'll agree it was a choice that benefits the whole listening world!


STEVE HENDERSON                  www.stevehendersonmusic.co.uk/

In recent years Steve has performed numerous shows throughout the South West of England and has supported Gaz Brookfield, Nick Parker and even the Grateful Dead. Somerset's favourite troubadour; singer, songwriter, raconteur … starting this year's feast of treats with some of his peerless observational tunes




Talent who previously graced our stage ...


Robin Bibi Band, Delray Rockets, Lost Eleven, Mestizo Blues Collective, Maharaja Blues, Helena,

Jon Walsh, Bay Rum Hounds.



Jon Amor,  Flash Harry Band,  Deep Blue Sea,  The First Raitt Band,  Jon Walsh Trio,  

Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue,  Ragged Union,  Keith & Julie Richards.